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Our Kamo Kits, are 25 square feet of high quality Vinyl Wrap that we have cut in our in house designed pattern. 
With this kit you can create a one of a kind wrap on your vehicle that will stand out from the crowd.

You will receive your vinyl cut down into 15"-30" wide rolls that you can easily remove from the backing and install on your vehicle. We have a youtube tutorial video to watch on wo to install and common issues you may run into.

One single color kit will cover half a car like the 4runner pictured above. We used 1/2 of two different colored kits on that half wrap.
The Tacoma pictured above has three full kits installed.
The BMW has 2 and a half kits installed and he had lots of extras left over.

Once your order is placed we begin the process of prepping your kits these are made to order so they do take 1-2 weeks to prep and ship.
Shipping anywhere in the continental united states is free. 

Products we recommend to buy along with your kit are:

-Blade to cut in between doors and any seams:



Color Choices:

Gloss Black
Matte Black
Satin Black 
Gloss Black Metallic
Gloss White
Satin White
Gloss Pearl White
Satin Pearl
Gloss Bright Yellow
Gloss Orange
Gloss Bubblegum Pink
Gloss Racing Red
Satin Red Aluminum
Gloss Carmine Red
Matte Carmine Red
Gloss Burgundy
Gloss Black Rose
Satin Black Rose Aluminum
Gloss Passion Purple 
Satin Passion Purple
Gloss Cavalry Blue Gray
Satin blue Aluminum
Gloss Light Blue
Gloss Berry Blue
Gloss Dark blue
Gloss Mint Blue
Gloss Grass Green
Gloss Military Green
Matte Military Green
Gloss Sandstorm
Gloss Silver Aluminum Metallic
Satin Silver Aluminum
Gloss Light Gray
Gloss Nardo Gray
Matte Nardo Gray
Satin Nardo Gray
Satin Grey Aluminum
Gloss Charcoal Metallic
Matte Charcoal Metallic
Satin Charcoal Metallic

Camo Kit Single color

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